Nora Mohr a Barcelona based independent designer, born in Frankfurt. In more than 10 years of working independently, with and within agencies on design projects, I've had the pleasure to earn experience in different sectors with international clients. In Germany I could help address social issues and programs for organisations and institutions. You can find some examples in my PORTFOLIO SECTION.

Since I am based in Barcelona I am happy to work mainly for clients emerged in the art scene of Barcelona. With a lot of love for the detail and the purpose, I've supported Fousion Gallery in over 20 events since 2018 in finding consistency and reinventing the visual identity for the events. In 2021 I've been responsible for visual appearance of the Drap-Art'21, 20th edition of the festival of sustainable art in Catalunya.

A well-done design is thinking made visual. Let us think together!

Work Experience
2016-2022: Graphic Designer (Freelance).
Clients: Fousion Gallery, Argowiggins, Cellnex, DGB, asta Frankfurt, Frankfurter Jugendring, Gold Results, Wattmobil
2015-2016: Art Director at Zündung Agency, Frankfurt.
Clients: FedEx, Binder, Studentenwerk Frankfurt, MVB, VcG, Huawai
2010-2015: Graphic Designer (Freelance).
Clients: Lawson, Ciber, Tilman Döring

2007-2014: Visual Communication; graduated with a Diplom Degree in Design at the University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main. Final project "How to get low enough".