From over a decade I support clients in their communication strategy and visual appearance. From that I've learned, that besides a solid vision and targeting the correct people it's important having an eye on details while not to lose sight of the bigger picture. At the same time efficient and realistic decisions are needed to assure consistancy and progress.

I see myself in the role as a supportive, versatile and constructive partner, that can help you to find the correct strategy and take relevant action. In my practise I treat each project as unique. In doing so, I tailor my approach and services for each challenge.

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Graphic Design

Editorial Design
Corporate/Visual Identity

Digital Design

Social Media


Communication Strategy
Brand Strategy/Brand Vision

As sensual beeings we understand by communication. So we need to implement communication that builds trust to come forward. "We cannot not communicate!" says Paul Watzlawick and this sentence is as crucial as powerful to me. There is no opposite to communication.

Only if we recognize communication as an essential part of all processes, it can enable its inherent potential fully and centers the attention around the very humans we want to reach, which leads to acting more purposefully and in coherence with our values. We should try to establish a communication that reflects our values and creates trust in the people we want to reach!

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