International Festival of Sustainable Art Catalonia / 2021 / Barcelona


  • Art Direction
  • Corporate Identity
  • Printed Material
  • Social Media
  • Exhibition Design
  • Website
  • Internal standards

Drap-Art, the International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia, celebrated its 25th edition from November 18 to December 21, 2021 in various exhibition spaces in the Gothic Quarter turning it into a meeting point between artists, art lovers and new audiences, participating in the sustainable and inter-cultural urban transformation of the centre of Barcelona.

The brief for Drap-Art'21 was to adapt the existing corporate design to the 25th edition of the festival aiming to unify printed and online elements, finding valid solutions for communicating in three languages and overall creating a decent, elegant look that can be applied to all different use cases keeping the focus on the represented art and artists and serve for future templates.

The 25th anniversary edition with events during one month, five exhibition spaces plus activities in different parts of the cities lead to a huge amount of information to be covered not only in printed matter, but also for dossier/press-kit, website and social media. It was not only the design but the feasability that I had to have in mind, making the design it adaptable for different images and providing all content in Catalan, Spanish and English avoiding confusion. I integrated the 2021 festival section within the homepage, giving it a recognizable look and provide guidance to visitors and found systems to promote artists, exhibition spaces and their events – mostly in instagram.