Feride Durna
"Análisis comparado  de los conceptos de nación, de minorías y de Europa
en los libros de historia de Alemania, España y Turquía"

2022 / Barcelona


  • Concept
  • Layout
  • Infographics
  • Illustration

This research approaches, from a comparative perspective, the content of secondary school history textbooks currently in use in Germany, Spain and Turkey, in order to understand the representation and significance of the concepts of nation, minorities and Europe. The aim is to review the role of national identity and the sense of belonging within the didactics of history.

The quest – besides the nearly 400 pages – was to structure and design tables and info graphics in an understandable and helpful way. I put the focus on how the design can benefit the readiability . A three color codex implemented in graphics and tables helps the reader to find orientation and be able to compare the countries easily. My illustration 'Money' was used for the cover and on the chapters' seperation pages.