NR.2.18, 67th year, edition "We can't believe we still have to protest this shit!", 2018


  • Concept
  • Layout
  • Illustration


  • 8000 (2x4000)

Diskus is a free student's magazine by asta Frankfurt. As a free magazine, always with a focus on a political topic, there is not much budget linked to it and ways have to be found to "make the most out of it". Fortunately the editorial department is always open to creative approaches.

The 2018.2 issue of the topic related students' magazine diskus comes with the title "We can't believe we still have to protest this shit". Purely designed in two Pantone colors, playing with their nice interaction in print. The image pool exclusively existed of pictures from manifestations and the brief was to not show persona. So I decided to use the image material in a more creative way, letting it overlap and multiply beyond recognition.